An ESTA Visa is also called an ESTA, which stands for “Electronic System for Travel Authorization.” The application process is an automated system managed by the Department of Homeland Security. A traveler with an ESTA Visa is deemed eligible to enter the USA prior to their travel.

The ESTA Visa application must be completed and submitted online; it replaces the paper entry forms formerly required. Anyone traveling from a visa waiver country with a passport must apply for an ESTA. Completion of the application allows travelers to be screened by the US Government before they enter the United States.

An ESTA application must be completed regardless of the purpose of travel (i.e., personal or commercial). ESTA Visas became mandatory on 12 January 2009 as part of the United States’ effort to boost border protection.

For how long is an ESTA valid? The ESTA Visa grants travelers stay in the United States for up to 90 days.