New York for Kids | Intrepid Museum

Hey guys, check it out, my two weeks summer trip to New York! I made a lot of videos to share the best places to go in New York city.

This one is the Intrepid Sea Air & Space Museum. I think we spent around 3 hours there. This place is amazing!! I started going to the aircraft carrier US Intrepid, it’s amazing!!! I could not believe that a ship could carry so many airplanes, I saw a Concorde, a Blackbird and several others. Then I went to the hangar and I also visited the command tower and inside the ship.

After that we visited the USS Growler submarine that carried a huge missile, and I could not believe that we were allowed to go inside!

At the end, we visited the Space museum, and for the first time I was able to see a space Shuttle, the Enterprise. Inside the pavilion there are several other very interesting things to see like the spaceship used by the Russians, and many other curiosities.

Oh, and there is the souvenir shop where I bought the astronaut food, watch this video and check it out!

I super recommend this visit!
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