Things To Do In Central Park with KIDS | New York City

Things to do in central park with kids. Central park boathouse is the best place to row boating in central park.
Central park is also the best place in New York city for family recreations and outdoor activities for kids. Liyana had fun in central park with her friends Anzar and Ratiba. We did row boating in Central park and that was an amazing experience. Liyana also enjoyed helping to row the boat. Boat rentals are first-come, first-served.
There are lots of play grounds in central park. Liyana and her friends played in the Heckscher Playground and this is the oldest playground in central park, with climbing structures, slides, water features. There is a fun splash park for the little ones. That was a great fun day for kids.

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10 thoughts to “Things To Do In Central Park with KIDS | New York City”

  1. What a super fun day in Central Park!! So many cool things to do and see!! Awesome water fountains!! We can see a rainbow!!🌈💕Great share!!😃❤️👍

  2. So many fun activities. Looks like LIyana had so much fun boating, maybe we should also try bringing Nate & Kate. Have a great weekend!!!

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