New York banning unvaccinated children from schools

Anti-vaccine activists descended on Albany, New York on Friday to protest a new state law barring unvaccinated children from schools. Unvaccinated students had been allowed to attend school for 14 days before they would be barred — and that grace period ended for many students last week.

12 thoughts to “New York banning unvaccinated children from schools”

  1. not all vaccines target communicable diseases, so if the law is upheld there will have to be criteria developed to determine which vaccines are mandatory and which are optional. it will also bring into question whether such laws should be controlled by state or federal authorities and the consequences of transmitting communicable diseases over interstate boundaries, etc., etc., etc. a can of worms….

  2. the problem is that both sides of this coin are right in ways. vaccines can and do prevent diseases that have long been nearly eradicated from the US but they can also injure. This is not an argument or even up for debate. Both of these statements are factual. Based on these facts, we need to peer closer into why some kids get injured and why others do not seem to. Some speculate its the amount given at one time that contributes to injury. Some bodies even though they appear well are like the sick kids whose bodies seem to not deal with the Vaccines properly. On the other hand; it stops the spread and even the possible evolution of these diseases. At any rate; this is such a serious topic and so many comments below suggest people are not using critical thinking and just another “Yay” or “Nay”. As a FREE society we nee to be able to voice opinions and have a long discussion steeped in research so that we are FREE to make decisions that we feel will be best for our kids and our society. We can not ignore the facts listed above that vaccines both prevent disease yet has a history of injuring certain people.

  3. My goodness: the IGNORANCE of most commenters here! Do you really think that cells from an aborted baby injected into babies is safe? Do you really think mercury is that safe when used as an agitator? Do any of you read? Did you read the study where black boys were more prone to autism after vaccination? https://

    In my city: shots now total 33 by age 18. Have you ALL not noticed whats happening to the younger generation?

    LOL….. thinkaboutit. why worry about the unvaxxed if the immunizations are REALLY SO FOOL PROOF?

  5. Parents who injure their children will have massive regrets because they trusted their govt over their guts/instincts. I cannot imagine how that would feel.

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