New York City with Kids

Navigating New york city with kids day vlogg.

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We sold our house in October 2018 and launched from Colorado to travel the USA! We are the Cripps Family & we are a full time RV family of five touring the United States in our 5th wheel on OurNationalAdventure.

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9 thoughts to “New York City with Kids”

  1. I’ve never been to New York, unless connecting flights count. Central Park really interests me. There is something special about have that kind of nature in the middle of a city of that size.

    1. The park is huge and so much prettier than I’ve covered in this video. We were very surprised by all the kids activities!

  2. What an awesome way to raise your children. I was blown away at the empty subways. They actually appeared clean too. I haven’t been to NYC since they 70’s when I was stationed at Fort Dix NJ. Great video thanks for sharing.

    1. Oh, those subways definitely were not clean! Lol But they were empty! I thought that was a bit crazy! Usually the subways are packed.

    1. It’s funny because we have tons of photage from all the sight seeing g places….but somehow I put together a simple video with off beat places lol…thank you for watching! ♡

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