Day in New York City With The Kids (Mostly Central Park & Times Square)

This is a video of me and the kids in NYC. We have been to NYC many times in the past. But mostly to Time Square, Statue of Liberty, Empire State Building, and 911 Memorial. The kids have been to Central Park once or twice, and I have never been there. So we spent the majority of the day there. We only went to Time Square to eat at McDonalds, and see a few shops. I was so sad to see that my coverage of Amanda’s favorite shop, LINE FRIENDS, with a BT21 room, was somehow missing. I really wish you could have seen it. She was so excited! So thank God she got some coverage of the shop too. But unfortunately, it will not be in this video. Maybe I can add her video coverage some time. But till then, enjoy the video!

To learn more about my cancer history, please continue to read.
Back in 2010 I had been diagnosed with stage 3b ER/PR positive, HER2 neg Breast cancer in my left breast. I had Chemo, Bilat Mastectomy, with expanders then implants place, Radiation therapy, and hormonal therapy plus Bilat, oopherectomy. After 2 1/2 yrs of treatment, I went 5 yrs with no KNOWN, sign of Cancer.

However, in 2016, I was diagnosed with a rare terminal melanoma. with no skin involvement. After chemo failed, a combo immunotherapy treatment every other week, kept me stable till this April 2018. I discovered a new chest wall tumor, plus a few other tumors.They said that my Breast Cancer had mutated, and returned as Metastatic (terminal) TN Breast cancer. Although my doctor insists that it is a totally different Breast Cancer from the first. Oral chemo failed. And I did Radiation for pain. My last Radiation was on Monday 11/19/18. I just stopped Taxotere due to my body not being able to tolerate the side effects anymore. 3 wks ago I started Gemzar, another chemo.

This channel is all about the life of me and my 3 children. With our Lord leading the way, we support each other, as we fight our battles and celebrate the our victory, in a difficult world where me, a single mother who is in active treatment for not only 1, but 2 terminal cancers. I make videos about my cancer journey,personal trials, and some fun videos, and videos with my kids. Something to do to take my mind off of the cancer.

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11 thoughts to “Day in New York City With The Kids (Mostly Central Park & Times Square)”

    1. +Tammy Grosso wow I couldn’t tell that. We have so much in common my 26 yr old daughter also is high functioning with aspergers.

    2. He is a total “factoid”. If he hears a fact one time, or see’s something one time, he remembers it forever. This is definitely a positive about having autism. Thank God he is high-functioning/Aspergers.

  1. So glad you and your kids got to have some fun in NYC. I live in Philly so I’m not too far from you.

    1. +Shnooska I am in Langhorne, Pa, which is just outside of Philly. The only thing we are known for is the small theme park Sesame Place.

    2. I don’t know why I thought you were in LA. But you answered the question. You like NYC better than California

    3. +Tammy Grosso I like New York the best. But I am in San Diego right now. its pretty dull. but its ok for now. where are u?

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