Q & A EP 7| Visa Information I MMIGRATION KI DUNIYA

Hello friends, Here we are with our question & answer series of Immigration Ki Duniya to get USA Visa. We are trying our best to answer all of the questions we received in this series of Q/A episodes.. Let’s see, what questions we have today… Like this video, Share it with your friends, Comment any of your questions. If you are new on this channel, then don’t forget to subscribe. Press the bell icon so you will receive a notification whenever we came up with the new video. To watch our previous question-answer series-
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3 thoughts to “Q & A EP 7| Visa Information I MMIGRATION KI DUNIYA”

  1. hello sir i am biggest fan of you i am from lahore sir mere question ya ha ky america ky H-1b visa ky liye minimum education chahiye ha

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