USA F1 Visa Myths | Preparation Tip | Common F1 Visa Questions and Answers

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There are so many myths and misunderstanding about F1 Visa – so in this video I am trying to clarifying all of them. Please do your own research!

Disclaimer – I am not your immigration lawyer please consult professional lawyer to discuss your case. This is purely my opinion and based on my research and experience.

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16 thoughts to “USA F1 Visa Myths | Preparation Tip | Common F1 Visa Questions and Answers”

  1. I saw so many videos on VISA but in this vedio best explaination I ever get…. awesome job…πŸ‘πŸ‘

  2. If I had taken education loan there would be question ” what’s ur back up plan to clear loan” answer plzz

  3. Awesome video bro ur response to the visa questions was on bang..!! One thing is does the visa officer knows how many admit or reject we have..?

  4. You are from lower middle class!!!!

    How did you managed to do M.S?
    I have seen your previous videos but I still cannot see how you pulled it off.

    The restrictions and limitations (mis-informed) I face daily!!!!!
    Do share how did you overcame it.

    1. Thanks.
      It would be of great help.
      Share from every point of view:
      Mentality,mindset,””getting overwhelmed””,expectations,being negative in front of everyone just because you are trying to do something different or new.

    1. And also I heard that the only way to get a green card in USA is through investment (EB5 visa). Is that true??

  5. In teacher assistant job:

    Is this job an individual thing or a group thing?
    What kind of help from university or any guidelines FROM PROF. is provided?

    The most important
    “”What will happen if one becomes a teacher assistant and student don’t understand what you tell or if we don’t know the concept or answer to students’s question?””

    1. smit kapse don’t worry professors will tell you what you need to do. And if you don’t know hencprofessor should be able to tell you.

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