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Here are the amazing stories behind 6 comeback kids who beat the odds:

“Awesome kid dances days after getting a life-saving heart transplant” (June 13, 2017): https://nypost.com/video/awesome-kid-dances-days-after-getting-a-life-saving-heart-transplant/
Amari Hall danced from his hospital bed just six days after receiving a new heart. The dancing 16-year-old’s life-saving transplant took place at the University of Maryland Medical Center in Baltimore. Now Amari may be hitting the dance floor in no time.

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0:55 – “Boy with robotic arm can now play catch” (February 22, 2018): https://nypost.com/video/boy-with-robotic-arm-can-now-play-catch/
When Callum Miller discovered a charity that could make a robotic limb for his disabled son, Jamie, he was ecstatic. Then he discovered there was an 18-month wait list, and decided he would just build a limb himself. He used a 3D printer from eBay and designs he found on the internet, and 10-year-old Jamie can now throw a ball between his two hands.

1:57 – Brain-damaged toddler miraculously healed by oxygen chamber (July 25, 2017): https://nypost.com/video/brain-damaged-toddler-miraculously-healed-by-oxygen-chamber/
Two-year-old Eden Carlson made a full recovery after a drowning accident left the child brain-dead. After dozens of oxygen treatments at Louisiana State University Health’s hyperbaric chamber, the tot is walking, talking, eating and playing.

3:36 – #Albino kids whose arms were brutally hacked off are getting prosthetic limbs (June 9, 2017): https://nypost.com/video/albino-kids-whose-arms-were-brutally-hacked-off-are-getting-prosthetic-limbs/
After being attacked for their body parts in Tanzania, four children with albinism have received new limbs at Shriner’s Hospital for Children in Philadelphia. This is the kids’ second visit to the U.S., thanks to the New York-based Global Medical Relief Fund, whose motto is “One Child at a Time.”

4:32 – #Baby born with cleft lip gets a second chance to #smile (October 22, 2018): https://nypost.com/video/baby-born-with-cleft-lip-gets-a-second-chance-to-smile/
Six-month-old Cam Martin was born with a cleft lip and palate. Because of this, the newborn was unable to breastfeed and had difficulty moving his mouth. But after his recent plastic surgery, he can finally smile.

5:20 – One-legged ‘miracle’ toddler climbs the stairs all on his own (July 9, 2018): https://nypost.com/video/one-legged-miracle-toddler-climbs-the-stairs-all-on-his-own/
After complications during his mother’s pregnancy, Lucas Bobakov was born with a massive blood clot in his leg that forced doctors to amputate it. That hasn’t held the little guy back, and his parents released this video of Lucas walking up the stairs all by himself at just 19 months old.

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