Josh Johnson Fears Drugs, New York and Kids

Josh Johnson is scared of many, many things. The comedian talks about his fear of hard drugs, living in New York City, kids in elementary school and flying.


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10 thoughts to “Josh Johnson Fears Drugs, New York and Kids”

  1. Okay come on the airplane punchline was good but his energy wasn’t like what do you expect the audience to react when you aren’t he litterally just spoke for 6 minutes felt more like church than comedy

  2. the crowd effects a lot subjectively whether you laugh too,just be aware of that
    That’s why they add canned laughter on TV shows

  3. *its amazing people live in this illusion that what they feel towards things is real* but its nothing but the projection of your mood
    When you’re happy notice how EVERYTHING seems better than when your less happy 🙂
    I worked on myself to be positive all the time,and I enjoy everything 30% more
    Comedy,Music,Youtube anything
    When you try to enjoy things you understand that its a choice
    Of course you need to watch something ok,but it still TREMENDOUSLY depends on you!

    So instead of saying your “Objective opinion” be nice to people and on Youtube and say words of encouragement cause that’s what makes people believe in themselves and become better,not your “objective negative opinion”

    The amount of times I found something like:
    “Man this guy is soo funnnyy”
    and just a comment after
    “this guy sucks”

    YOUR SUBJECTIVE experience of things is nothing but YOUR experience and not what you are watching even though it is effected by it 🙂

    IN this video:

    “Josh Johnson is hilarious! I love this guy!”
    and another one:

    I didn’t laugh one time.

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