Sailing to New York – with Kids!

We are a family of 4 that moved onto a boat, a sailing catamaran, to live aboard and sail around the world. We live on a Catana 47 and this video shows our first sailing trip ever on the new boat.

In this video, our daughter, Paige, age 2 and our son, Gunner, age 4 sail our first overnight passage as a family on our new boat. We sail to New York to see it for the first time. It took us multiple nights to sail through the Chesapeake Bay, down the canal to the Delaware River, out into the Atlantic Ocean, and up into New York City. We got boarded by the coast guard as we approached the city, and learned a lot about our new boat.

We are a family friendly sailing adventure loaded with fun. We prioritize having fun as often as possible while always exploring, learning, and adventuring.

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