David Fizdale: I Love These Kids! | New York Knicks Postgame

David Fizdale holds his postgame press conference and heaps praise on Emmanuel Mudiay and Luke Kornet after the Knicks’ 126-124 OT win over the Hornets in Charlotte.

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11 thoughts to “David Fizdale: I Love These Kids! | New York Knicks Postgame”

  1. For the first time in my life as a die hard knick, the KNICKS ARE NOT CARRYING ANY DEAD WEIGHT on the roster, every body on the roster is a BALLER, and can come out and put up nunbers, yes they are growing

  2. I was gonna say is the fake comeback era over but i forgot thats how we lost to cLe πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ great win

  3. Kornet plays good fundamental basketball. He sets good screens and knows exactly where to be at his position, he needs to play. Also gotta admit very impressed with Mud, looks like he’s starting to evolve every game.

  4. These kids are very competitive. What a pleasure to see the new york knicks playing with heart and grit better than recent years. I like the pace and tempo of the Knicks once these kids figure out how not to overthink to much and let the game come to them watch out the. The Knicks actually have potential super stars on their roster izo-zo being one of them knox show flashes lately he’s been consistent and Mitch looks like a freak out there kid has potential along side KP I say playoffs bound

  5. Fitz is the real coach and now some of you fellow Knicks fans will realize this man is the deal!
    I am talking about the pro Frank crowd. So ever coaching move this man makes, it’s a bigger reason behind it! He is trying to get these young guys to achieve their highest potential on the court.

  6. Nice side step oh so close dance moves.. coach of the year…In the 2019 NBA draft The New York Knicks select Zion Williamson from DUKE University. …

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