H1B वीज़ा के फायदे और नुकसान ,H1B Visa Advantages Vs. Disadvantages

This is American H 1B visa advantages and disadvantages video in Hindi. This video gives the basic and vital information about H1B visa. This video describes the advantage as well as disadvantage of H1B visa. The video is an explanation of H1B Visa pros and cons, the global trend of H1B visa is very high in India and each year it gradually goes up. People, who want to file H1B application, can get information about the benefits and drawbacks of H1B status in USA by this video. H1B visa is Non Immigrant visa and it called temporary visa. For those people who come to USA for professional work, this visa is a boon for them. This video is helpful to those people who want to apply for H1B VISA. Hereby in this video the comparison is done between the advantage and curse of having on H1B status. In order to permanent resident of United States of America, the H1B Visa is being the key for last decade. This general knowledge video is helpful to understand the immigration system of USA for the non-immigrant visa. Each year 85000 people from all over world enhance H 1B visa status in USA. The benefit behind H1B is that a person can invite his family member on H4 visa while he is on H1B status. This video is explained in Hindi This Video is created by Yogesh Andarpa. Patidar Institute.

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