How a Father Tells His Kids to Behave Around Police in ‘The Hate U Give’ | Anatomy of a Scene

The opening scene from “The Hate U Give” starts out on a pleasant, lively day in a black neighborhood. But one family is indoors having an uncomfortable discussion. Maverick Carter (Russell Hornsby) is teaching his children what to do in the future if they get pulled over by police officers.

This scene comes later in Angie Thomas’s novel, on which the movie is based. But the director George Tillman Jr. said in an interview at the Toronto International Film Festival that he wanted to move the episode to the beginning of the story to establish a mood and set up the characters.

The older versions of two of the children seen here are played by the film’s star, Amandla Stenberg, and Lamar Johnson. But the two don’t appear this time. Mr. Tillman said he had the two rehearse the scene, so they would understand their characters’ back story. But he didn’t rehearse the actors taking part in the actual scene (Kai Ture and Hassan Welch), hoping for a genuine reaction from them as their screen father speaks. “The Hate U Give” opens in theaters Oct. 5.

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10 thoughts to “How a Father Tells His Kids to Behave Around Police in ‘The Hate U Give’ | Anatomy of a Scene”

  1. well if blacks stopped doing the majority of the crimes like 90 percent than maybe the cops would leave them alone,just saying

  2. This is a conversation all parents have with their children–not just blacks. Stop acting like you’re a victim. Worse of all, you make your child feel like a victim but then instill an undeserved sense of pride solely based on skin color. This is a recipe for disaster as they will have nothing but contempt for society until it likely leads to irrational acts.

  3. Way to go making another movie that segregates and demoralizes anyone with a brain. I got to remember to thank a democrat for identity politics. Every group has an issue which is more prevalent than the others, just d..n sad. And, just to say if you live in a bad neighborhood, move. If there are not jobs where you live, move to where the jobs are that simple…

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