New York Prosecutors Move to Bring Down Trump and His Kids

✅BREAKING NEWS TODAY : New York Prosecutors Move to Bring Down Trump and His Kids
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10 thoughts to “New York Prosecutors Move to Bring Down Trump and His Kids”

  1. Ooops there it is, new York is not dealing with his lies and his crooked bullshit. Go new York berri his crooked ass . He feels that he’s better than anyone else and that the law can’t touch him . I hope he gets Giuliani to defend him, so he can dig his hole deeper where he can’t get out.

  2. It has become all the more important now that Trump symbolizes our nation around the world. His lawbreaking must be meticulously investigated personally, including the organizations and foundations and his connections at home and family, and internationally for business and profit. His big TRUMP signs made him notorious worldwide. It will be necessary to list in detail of all the details of his and his family’s involvement in lawbreaking and specific law violations that applies. This is owed to our nation and also around the world where his businesses have been established. All with fairness and due diligence.

  3. So nice timing and coordination, guys, but the tards’ war calls are getting louder, amplified by candidates like DeSantis (CON running for Florida gov against a fatally popular Black progressive, Gillum). DeSantis has reportedly been a guest speaker on the local circuit of nazis and racists on at least four recent occasions. He used a racist trope in reference to Gillum to launch his own campaign. Class act. So, any guidance on preparing defense for “the purge?”

  4. But but but, McConnell says that you can’t do that…. can you? Oh well I’m staying in the White House and playing golf. I’m busy leave me alone.

  5. Lock whole damm family up for ripping the American people off without corruption theirs no profitability ask the Republican party who won’t stand up CON MAN TRUMP same house same crime!

  6. Great please, bring down disgusting racist hateful Russia loving King Kong and his ugly ass rotten kids, every last one of them.

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