Yvette Hernandez – WOMEN ON THE RISE ATLANTA 2018 – believe in yourself & promote before it’s time

Tell me about yourself? Thanks for asking….
About Yvette Hernandez – Im Known for being loyal, positive, spiritual, reliable, practical, ambitious and sensual. I have an eye for beauty and for inner Beauty at that. I tend to be good with finances because I love the good things in life. I’m very good with people especially children since im a FosterParent and a Mom, I better be. I’ve Fostered over 20 children in the past 11 years. I have two beautiful children. My 22 year old Daughter Natasha and my 17 year old son Jay. They are my heart. I truely love all of my kids even my children from my Ms. Rhode Island USA days. At the time, I’m juggling a very stressful but fulfilling life. Because I’m on the Rise and have not quite made it to the top I’m working a full time job as a Housing Inspector. In addition, I’m working on many projects that are very much a part of the entertainer I am. It’s going to sound overwelming but, it’s all true and God keeps me from going totally insane. My prayer life is strong and I have people around me that’s truely care about me. So,
I’m working on getting a Talk show picked up by a network called American Hispanics The Journey. My partner who we will call Des; We’ve completed 16 episodes in one year. At this time we are just doing the leg work it takes to get it on TV. Money is tight so you can imagine why its taking so long. The show can be seen on YouTube just type AHTJ The Journey in the search engines and you will be able to find it. This year I”ve been chosen to be a singer in a band that is just starting out called PUMP. As crazy as it may sound I fit in Modeling, and Acting as well. I started back modeling January of 2016. Since then ive participated in many Fashion Shows, Music Videos, Short Films mostly as an extra but all good experiences. Let me not forget to add I started writing my first book out of three that I need to birth into the world. Its called The Battle based on true events in my life. Hence Yvette Hernandez Women On The Rise of Atlanta! World here I come. And oh I like to think I’m funny sometimes. Lol.😂

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