10-Year INDIAN VISA : Price Hike, More Docs Reqd AUG 2018 (USA)

CKGS (Indian Visa):

Indian Embassy, USA (DC):

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12 thoughts to “10-Year INDIAN VISA : Price Hike, More Docs Reqd AUG 2018 (USA)”

  1. You flashed something about a reference on the screen. What were the rules for a reference in the us and who gives you a reference in India?

    *sarcasm* do I call customer service and ask one of them if they would give me a reference from india?

    1. I haven’t tried it, but I’ve heard you can ask for manager’s name wherever you have room reserved. Then use that name and phone and address of hotel. You generally have to have hotel/apartment reserved anyway to get into countries, so this is practical solution.

    1. I am guessing you go to US Embassy with your extra copy of passport and whatever other identification you have.

  2. Good for you Will! You seem very excited and I’m excited for you. I’m also glad you’re doing regular videos again. Are you required to have a physical or get some form of shots before entering those countries? Thanks

  3. Will, I don’t know if this could help you. There is a Talk Show host out of San Antonio, TX , his name is Michael Berry (1200 AM WOAI) He is married to a lady from India, and visits India 2/3 times a year. I thought you could call the station get his email address and talk with him. Did I mention that she is a lawyer! LOL Just a thought? Cajun

  4. I’ve travelled to and lived in India several times in my life. I am excited for you. It is absolutely a life changing experience. I am sure you have heard “peel it, boil it, or forget it”. I recommend bringing garlic pearls, and grapefruit extract take each daily for microbe protection of your gut and health. Blessings for following your spirit and for sharing it. Would love a video re how you will handle health insurance and mail forwarding, property management etc while away. Peace!!!

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